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1. Market research-and a thorough one at that-is the building block of success.

If you want to potentially double your earnings and make huge profits from your wholesale items, you need to research about your market. You can begin with a minimum of 5 various ideas, which you can search for in eBay to see which of those items are actually selling. Take a look also at the prices of each item.

Making use of our Yahoo and Google mail can also help. Send the supplier a mail, more information can be got.

2. Know the real cost of the item you are going to sell.

A reason why most people do not succeed in doing wholesale is that they abhor having anything to do with numbers. But do you realize that real business is all about doing numbers? To accurately estimate the profit you are going to get in selling an item, you have to calculate all the costs involved - shipping costs, insurance costs, eBay fees, Paypal fees, credit card fees, packaging costs, labor, and storage fees. Those are a whole lot of fees to think about!

3. Do a background check on the suppliers you will be using.

The worst thing that could happen to you is to get scammed. Being scammed is a common problem encountered by people who are new to the business, but that does not spare even veterans in the field. Hence, it is very important for you to be cautious with the suppliers you are dealing with. Always check their authenticity.

To check if the supplier you are dealing with is authentic, take a look at its whole business name as well as its registration number, which can be found in their website. The supplier's website must be able to supply these information. Try to contact your supplier through the telephone and not just through a mobile phone, because if the company is legitimate, it will have its own land line number. The domain expiration date should also be checked, for legitimate companies' domain names expire in a few years time, and their domain names usually last for three to five years.

If you have a supplier who does not agree to use proven payment methods such as Paypal , then maybe you should think again and find another supplier.

To finally ensure authenticity, ask other people from eBay forums about their personal experiences in dealing with a certain supplier. Perhaps this will aid you in finding a supplier.

4. Go for Chinese suppliers.

If you want to gain a competitive edge from all other online sellers, choose Chinese suppliers as your sources of items. China has very low manufacturing costs, which is why you will be able to gain a competitive edge if you use them.

However, be extra careful in dealing with these suppliers. The usual precautions for scammers still apply. You can start with a small order first before purchasing a bulky order, and make sure that you are using secure payment methods. Make sure you get 110% shipping insurance, and ask for recommendations from other online sellers to find a reputable supplier.

5. Investigate about reasons behind closeout and liquidation

Before you buy any product, it is advisable to know the reasons behind liquidation and closeout. These sales are perfect sources for economical items that you can resell. The only problem is that you often have to buy items by bulk, and some of these items may include returned or broken ones that cannot be resold because of their conditions. Therefore, it is advisable to ask first about the inclusion of broken items before you start buying in bulk.

6. Save money on shipping negotiations.

Shipping costs can automatically drown your profits, so it is very important to try to save as much as you can with regard to shipping. Find a good shipping deal. If you can negotiate good shipping terms, such as DDP or CIF, with your supplier, then it would definitely be better as it takes much of the responsibility off your shoulders. The commonly used shipping term is FOB or Freight on Board, but it is okay to negotiate for better shipping terms.