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Item Not Received

The following are what you can do when you do not receive orders. Beiji Trade will implementate in accordance with the following conditions.


1.       No Tracking Information

Tracking number can be tracked online in 2 days apart from China which takes about a week. Under this circumstance, we will send u a mail and tell u how to check online. If we can not provide any,  we should write a mail to tell the reason,maybe some item is sold out. If all the items are sold out, u can change into others or ask us to return the money back.After u get the tracking NO,your parcel will be tracked online all the time until u get.

2.       Item held at Customs

The time spent on Customs inspection varies by country and package content. When document is required by Customs, the seller might be able to help as sender.  Buyers are suggested to learn their Customs policies, if Customs charges duty or tax, buyers have to pay it.


For those packages seized, if you receive any Notice of Seizure from Customs, you can send it to us for a refund.


3.       Despatch from/ Arrival at sorting center/depot/hub  

Tracking website does not always update timely. We recommend you to wait for a few days if the tracking information keeps the same. In the meantime, we contact the seller to investigate with shipping company. Given that the there is no further information for more than a month, we will return your payment.


4.       Packages are returned to sender

If a package is returned to seller because of buyer fails to collect it (Incorrect address,not at home or do not contact post office after notice is left, etc), the buyer will have to pay the shipping cost .


5.       Claim on wrong delivery

We compare the address on seller’s shipping receipt, the address you provide as shipping address and the delivery address. If no difference can be told from tracking details, you may ask your postal service for proof of delivery address and signature.


6.       Report on empty package

Buyer may ask for police report from local police office and confirmation from postal service. At the same time, seller will be required to provide shipping evidence.